Female Self-leadership Coaching

4-Session Program

Coaching for self-leadership focuses on the most intriguing and interesting subject that you will come across – YOU!

Self-leadership is not about leading others, rather it is something more powerful – it is about the leadership you exercise over yourself.

The practise of self-leadership involves developing your self-awareness, discovering empowerment and courage, creating action  and real impact. While leadership has an external orientation, self-leadership turns the mirror inwards... to yourself.

It is about influencing and leading yourself by accessing specific cognitive and behavioural strategies not only what you need to do, but also why and how you do it.

Be prepared to work hard and be truly honest with yourself during this program. During our time together, you will:

  • Take and opportunity to step back, breathe and turn the lens inwards helping you with your transition from reactiveness and responsiveness to self-awareness and responsibility resulting in a deeper knowledge of self that builds on your authenticity, courage and identity.
  • Gain confidence by developing clarity and insight into your personal points of power, your strengths and preferences, what motivates and demotivates you,  and learn to apply this thinking in the workflow of your life.
  • Build courage and confidence with a good dash of accountability and responsibility for real action. I'm not talking flashy vision boards and the law-of-attraction a-la the 'Secret'. Instead, real action that requires you to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty to get the job done.
  • Discover how to connect head and heart thinking when it comes to decision making and problem solving.
  • Build resilience and learn to control your inner environment when under pressure, when deadlines are looming or adversity strikes.
  • Learn how to slow down and quieten the internal dialogue to access the essential states of rest, restoration and regeneration.
  • Access the internal resource states that support self-leadership beyond the program.

Female Self-Leadership Coaching approach

I utilise a three-part approach during the coaching conversations:

  1. Access new insights and develop awareness;
  2. Acquire and develop new behaviours and ongoing practice needed for achieving your specific Self-leadership coaching objectives; and
  3. Moving beyond intention to creating impact through accountability and responsibility for implementing your own action plan.

Insight and diagnostic tools

Selected diagnostic tools and insights to support coaching sessions and develop insight include:

  • Pre-coaching Self-assessment
  • Well-formed Outcome Assessment
  • A range of diagnostic tools relevant to your area of focus.

What's included:

  • 4 x one-to-one  60 minute personalised and tailored sessions for your immediate requirements focus as mutually agreed
  • Access to ongoing support in-between sessions
  • Written report detailing outcomes of each session and agreed actions to be completed with target dates
  • Worksheets for reference and completion as applicable
  • Access to a network of supporting professionals to help grow and guide your areas of focus.

Are you ready to dig deep into a fascinating topic...you? 

Contact me to discuss how I can support your development and success:


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