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Or as an alternative, why not sign up to the Australian Human Resources Institute Mentoring Program? I am in my third year as a professional mentor and really enjoy giving back to the industry.

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Penny and I were introduced through the AHRI Mentoring program in 2015.  Throughout the entire mentoring program Penny was very enthusiastic and involved, helping me to challenge myself in a way that I would not have achieved without her professional guidance and support.  Penny used her high-level coaching skills to encourage self-awareness and accountability which has been invaluable in developing my confidence as an emerging HR leader.  She also has advanced technical knowledge and is generous with how she shares her know-how in the HR space.

On top of that Penny is just so approachable, empathetic and thoughtful.  A natural coach and mentor!


Elizabeth, AHRI Mentee 2015

The next intake commences in July 2017.


Are ready for a career change? Preparing for the job of a lifetime but would like a little guidance along the way? Are you returning to the workforce after a period of absence? We all need support along our work and life cycle and a mentor can help you to do just that. Work is such a big part of life and our life can be a big part of work. So whey not make sure that the choices you make and the approach you take is going to support you?

As a mentor, I can support you along your pre, during and post-employment journey including

  • Job readiness including understanding your skills, capabilities, preferences and strengths.
  • Resume and interview preparation.
  • Management and leadership development including expanding your talents.


Change can be challenging, whether you are creating change or it is happening to you. These days it is not uncommon to have multiple careers under your belt and this is going to continue. It is an incredible time of opportunity for women. As a result, many women are choosing to take a step back and seek to obtain a perspective on their work, their professional values and fulfilment. Women want better alignment to their 'why'. They want to know what they do and how they do it will make a difference to themselves and this around them.

I have been here before. With an incredible and diverse career portfolio I know what it means to change and the amount of work it takes to get results.

That's why I offer Career Transition Mentoring. 

Contact me to discuss your career transition and ideal trajectory and how I can support you.

phone: 0417 386 344


Mentoring and collaboration is powerful. It is increasingly becoming in vogue once again and quickly becoming a highly regarded and impactful learning and development strategy for individuals and organisations.

Mentoring creates a learning alliance between two people for transferring professional knowledge and skills, understanding and cultivating industry networks, developing and enhancing individual careers, and creating opportunities to access guidance and support from an experienced professional

However mentoring has moved in and out of favour over the years, but there is no hiding that mentoring works...when it is done right. It can provide a powerful, cost effective and more personalised alternative to traditional face-to-face training for knowledge acquisition and professional development creating real impact.

Yet while a mentoring relationship can be so beneficial, it is reported that few women actually have a mentor. This can be attributed to a range of perceptions and barriers to creating, building and managing a thriving mentoring relationship including some pretty archaic views that mentoring is just reserved for CEOs, 'top talent' and management and leadership levels in business.

Well it's time to change the narrative.

I am passionate about bringing mentoring alive and bringing more choice for females when it comes to their development, career progression and organisational development - regardless of level, status and job role.

Contact me to discuss how I can support you on your own mentoring journey.

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