Self-leadership – the missing piece to the leadership puzzle

I am often asked about the most effective coaching, mentoring and leadership models and which are going to be the most effective to ‘lead and influence others’.  I can rattle off dozens of ideas and concepts that I’ve come across during my career (s) and life, some are better than others, some are overly complicated.

Over the years, I have kept a few in my own leadership toolkit that I feel well for me.  However, there is one concept that stands out. It is powerful, enduring and recognises that leadership is not just externally focused, rather it is as just as much an internal process – that is the practise of self-leadership.

Self-leadership is one of the most fascinating, dynamic and complex topics. It is not about leading others, rather it is something more powerful – it is about the leadership you exercise over yourself. It involves intentionally influencing and leading yourself by accessing specific cognitive and behavioural strategies not only what you need to do, but also why and how you do it. Self-leadership surfaces through self-awareness, discovering empowerment and courage, and creating action for real outcomes and longer term impact.

Many contemporary coaching, leadership theory and models seem to skip this step and in fact have an external orientation. In contrast, the practise of self-leadership turns the lens inwards… to yourself.

Simple heh? Not quite.

The reality is, in our current world we are expected by others –  whether directly or indirectly, to live and lead through such demanding, challenging and complex life and home environments.  We are expected to achieve amazing results, make accurate judgments and decisions, meet ridiculous deadlines, while managing ourselves and others with grace, gratitude and positivity. Not to forget we need to also maintain thriving relationships with everyone, and achieve a wonderful sense of wellness and calm.

Now, if have reached this far in the blog you are probably now desperately looking to download the ebook or instruction manual with quick tips and hacks on ‘self-leadership’ that you can implement straight away for fab results and get on with life. Sorry to disappoint you. Self-leadership takes time, patience and awareness.

Instead, I’m going to offer you a journey to self-leadership and these words are just the start. I am going to give you an opportunity to understand how YOU can build your own self-leadership abilities assisted with a little helping hand from my blog articles, day-to-day inspiration and food for thought helping you to:

  • Take and opportunity to step back, breathe and turn the mirror inwards helping you with your transition from responsiveness to responsibility resulting in a deeper awareness of self that builds on your authenticity, courage and identity.
  • Build your ability to observe and accept your past experiences and to choose attitudes and behaviours that are aligned to your values and are constructive and future focused.
  • Gain confidence by developing clarity and insight into your personal points of power, your strengths and preferences, what motivates and demotivates you, and learn to apply this thinking in the workflow of your life.
  • Build courage and confidence with a good dash of accountability and responsibility for real action. I’m not talking flashy vision boards and the law-of-attraction a-la the ‘Secret’ or Oprah style. Instead, real action that requires you to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty to get the job done.
  • Discover how to connect head and heart thinking when it comes to decision making and problem solving.
  • Build resilience and learn to control your inner environment when under pressure, when deadlines are looming or adversity strikes.
  • Learn how to slow down and quieten the internal dialogue to access the essential states of rest, restoration and regeneration.

At the heart of self-leadership is learning, growth and change. When we observe our actions, reactions, inaction and behaviour and attitudes, we create the foundation for improving self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy, leading to more purposeful action and behaviour, positive influence and impact on ourselves and those around us.

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